Club History

There are probably few people who know why our club adopted the name `Pegasus`.

Here`s the story

As everyone is aware, England won the world cup in 1966 which sparked a huge growth in football in this country. This was particularly apparent among young people. At this stage there were no local leagues to play in, the kids would just kick a ball about in the street or at the park.

At Welwyn playing fields the village kids would meet up and totally unstructured games of up to 20 a-side would be played. The first step to something becoming organised was when these park kick abouts evolved into semi-serious matches between the Queensway housing estate and the Hawbush estate.

It was after one of these `inter estate` matches that a group of parents were in The Steamer pub on a Sunday lunchtime and the conversation got round to the kids football. The idea of raising a `village` youth team was mooted, which received a very positive response. Co-incidentally, a group of soldiers from the army airborne (parachute) regiment were in the pub at the same time, and such was their interest that they immediately took up a collection, which raised a significant amount to buy some kit and equipment.

Following on from the pub discussions an informal meeting was arranged at which volunteers came forward to form a club committee and act as managers and coaches. It was decided to run teams at under 12 and under

14 age groups and apply for membership of the newly formed Mid Herts Rural Minor League.

The question of a club name and badge was raised and it was decided that in recognition of the initial input of the airborne soldiers, the club could use their `flying horse` emblem for the badge and the name `Pegasus` be adopted. (From the winged horse in Greek mythology).

Thus a club was founded, which has grown over the past forty years to what we have today.