Club News and Events - September 2013

U9 Royals Cup Runners Up at Welwyn Pegasus Pre Season Tournament

Welwyn Pegasus U9 Royals. Took part in there Clubs Pre-Season tournament on Saturday 31st August. The team where drawn in the group with Risden Wood, Sawbridgeworth Town, Hoddesdon Town Blacks and Wormley Whites.

With the group games being 10min straight. The Royals tried to play each game in the same manner. Trying to play quick to feet football. This payed though out the group stage where they found them selves at times the dominating team.

At the end of the group Welwyn Pegasus Royals where runners up and went on to play the winners of another Group (St. Albans City North).

In the quarter finals of the Cup competition. This was going to be tough games as these two teams met last season in the league and was always a close game. The Royals always look the strongest on the counter attack but kept
coming up against a strong defence.

As the final whistle blew. Both teams had a quick drink another team huddle a big breath and went out for extra time. With only 5 minutes of extra time to play it became a bit heck tick and neither side could find goal.

The dreaded penalty shoot out arrived and it was down to the Royals Keeper to take centre stage. As shots and save started to build it came down to final penalty with The Royals Goalie was the victory.

The Royals marched onto the semi- Finals. Again credit to St. Albans City.

Welwyn Pegasus Royals came up against the winners of there group, Risden Wood, this time the Royals capitalised on there good form and won the game in the 10 minutes. The football again was quick and strong on the counter attack. A strong performance from the young Boys and they had made through to the final. An achievement within its selfs.

The Final was against Potters Bar Crusaders Raiders. Two strong teams that had to play in the hot sun. But this didn't put a hold to a great final. It was a close thought game with neither side really keeping the ball well. The Royals defence was still strong and where not letting anything though and with a in form Goalkeeper they knew they were safe at the back. Any chance Welwyn got came from counter but there young and tired legs seemed to
harder to move. Welwyn tried to use there subs to the best, to change the game but Welwyn seemed not to be able to get the winning goal.

Extra time came and went so quickly and we found are self back at the penalties alway a horrible way to finish any game. This time Welwyn were unlucky and got knocked out.

Congratulation to Potters bar on a great final.

Again for these players to reach the final was a great achievement and nothing can be said about how they conducted them selves though out the whole day. They made there coaches the club and especially their parents very proud.

U12 Royals Win Cup in Welwyn Pegasus Pre Season Tournament

Welwyn Pegasus U12 Royals had a there pre-season tournament on Saturday afternoon. They were drawn against Potters Bar Crusaders Raiders, Ware Rangers, Hurst Drive, Biggleswade Town.

The tournament was going to be a good test as the team have had new players and Manager (Alan Brooks) come in for the new season and they were all getting to know each other still. Alan though had faith in the players and asked them to enjoy the day and just play football.

Our First three games were against the easiest teams in the group with the Royals scoring 12 goals and not once not conceding any. It was a very attacking formation, that Alan would learn from later on, the football at times was great
to see. The ball was be playing around quick and to feet. Using wide players as much as possible. This was our outlet and created many goal scoring opportunities.

Lets not take any thing away from the opponents, when they had there chances to attack it was the Royals defence that stood out they seemed to cope with anything that came at them.

There last game in group they came up against. Potters Bar Crusaders Raiders. As before the Royals attacked them quickly but this time Potters Bar had a little more quality about them and it payed. With the Royals set up to attack
they left them self wide open in the middle and when Potters Bar found them self though on goal. They finished there chance.

The Royals kept there heads but were unable to find the equaliser. Even though, I would say they had the quality and ability to do so. But it turned out to be a game that the players but especially the manager would learn from. Even with this one loss the Royals still finished top of there group.

Into the Quarter finals and they were drawn against ESS Youth. With a change of pitch and team set up one that was a better set up against stronger opposition. Welwyn could only conger a few chances in this game. It was quite a match up with really either side looking a real threat. As the game moved in extra time it was of similar patten to the allocated time and it finished 0-0.

With Penalties looming. It was down to the Keeper to have all the pressure on him. With each shot and save equaling out Welwyn found them self on top and in the dreaded knockout. All was asked if the Goalkeeper can keep his nerves but unfortunately he was sent the wrong way and ESS youth scored. But before it became all square the ref blew for it to be taken again. Due to ESS youth player had a moment he would regret for this time the Goalkeeper was victor. He pulled of a fine save and start the mass excitement from all the Royals for reaching the Semi-finals and what a semi-final It would be.

Wormley Reds. This was the teams strongest competitors they played each other last season it what can be described as close thought games. With Wormley winning in the league encounters and The Royals on top in the cup. So this was going to be one of the games of the tournaments. The Royals started the strongest and where rewarded by a fine goal with some great football. The lads really wanted the result and they worked tirelessly for it. Wormley looked at times strong especially in there midfield. But Welwyn looked like they were not
going to give up there lead. With this attitude they had adapted the game came to an end and what a result. This was a result with in its selfs. A huge win in this new team. The final for the Cup approached which turned out to be a all Pegasus a fair.

It was know late in the evening and the Royals had come a long way. This was going to be good game for the team and the club. Both the finalist Royals and Sapphires will be in the same division next season. So this should be a good game. It was the Royals who started quickest straight from the centre. As the Sapphires played back the Royals where on them quick which caused the early mistake. This was what the Royals had done all tournament. High pressure and then capitalise. It was a break from midfield that gave the early indication when the Royals where rewarded a free kick. This was well executed to give them a early lead. The Royals persisted and found another goal. While the Sapphires had a couple of good breaks, it was the Royals who finished the strongest and
were declared the tournament winners.

Congratulations to the boys. A moment they can be proud of.

Two More Coaches Completing Level 2 Courses


Welwyn Pegasus has two more coaches completing Level 2 coaching courses. Keith Jones from our U11's and Dean Toms from our U10's have copleted their first week of training under the olympian flag bearer FA Tutor Scouse.

Both coaches have enjoyed their intial week long training and are eager to complete the course.